Risk Register 3.0 Released

ProjectBalm, a provider of project management software solutions, is pleased to announce the release of Risk Register v3.0. This release is compatible with JIRA v7.

This new version enables users to fully configure the risk matrix. Users can specify the dimensions of the matrix, what labels should be used for probability and impact levels, and what colour and label should be used for each cell. With v3.0, Risk Register is now offering a feature set comparable with those of much more expensive products. Risk Register has been very well received, and is currently the highest rated risk management tool in the Atlassian marketplace.

Risk Register assists project management professionals in the effective identification, analysis, treatment and monitoring of project risks. Risk Register automates best practice risk management techniques, and does so via an elegant, usable interface. It is suitable for seasoned risk management professionals as well as beginners. If you are new to risk management, our world class documentation will take you through the whole risk management process, using simple and fun examples.

Studies have shown that the use of risk management techniques lead to better project outcomes. Risk Register will help you take back control of your project, and meet your time, budget, scope and quality targets.

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