Risk Register updates for JIRA 6.x and JIRA 7.x

New updates of Risk Register have been released, covering all versions of Atlassian JIRA from 6.3 onward.

The update for JIRA 6.x brings all of the latest improvements released earlier for JIRA 7 into the JIRA 6.x platform: the ability to customize the risk matrix in terms of row and column names, and the size of the matrix in both dimensions; the ability to display exposure values in search results; the ability to filter search results by exposure value(s); and the ability to see 'behind the scenes' with the new Manifest feature.

The update for JIRA 7.x improves the user experience when adding new risk registers to JIRA projects; and it fixes a bug that caused exposure values to be blank when viewed inside of Confluence pages.

Both updates are available right now from the Atlassian Marketplace.