Mint Security and ProjectBalm announce partnership

Helsinki, Finland and Sydney, Australia - March 23, 2016

Mint Security, a 2015 security and risk management startup from Finland, and ProjectBalm, a provider of project management software solutions from Australia, will work together in the Finnish market to provide a lean and agile risk management solution. The risk management solution, Risk Register, is a plugin for the increasingly popular, cost-effective and extremely customizable JIRA-platform by the Australian based company Atlassian.

"We were looking for some serious competition to the bloated and highly expensive risk management software packages around. My personal experience with JIRA over the years has been a joyride, so it was quite natural to look into that platform", says Thomas Malmberg, founder and CEO of Mint Security. "Very soon it became apparent that there was no need to reinvent the wheel, and that there was an excellent plugin available to do just what we were looking for."

"We are very happy that our software is reaching a global market, including Finland", says Craig Schwarze, Product Director of ProjectBalm, "We want to provide excellent service to our customers, wherever they are. Our partnership with Mint Security will strengthen our growing presence in Europe. We are delighted to recommend Mint Security, a company with solid enterprise and substantial risk management experience, to customers looking for the very best results."

Thomas continues, "Our business is security and risk management. Risk management is not a stand-alone operation and cannot be treated as such. Our view is that enterprise risk management has to integrate with incident management, audit management and the security effort as a whole. Therefore, a solution based on JIRA which we can expand and add components to, without limits, is the only way to go".

Risk Register is currently the highest rated risk management tool on JIRA. Using the Risk Register plugin as a backbone, Mint Security has developed a solution catering for risk management, incident management and audit management customized for the financial sector. Thomas explains that using the financial sector as the starting point for the solution was a given. "Our background in the financial sector gave us good insight and that allowed us to scale the requirements high enough. Of course given the agile platform and our lean mindset, we scale the solution in a cost-effective way for small and mid-sized businesses as well".